Dr Hui Liang

An interview with one of the top leaders in bariatric surgery in China - Dr Hui Liang. He performs metabolic surgery on patients with lower bady moss index with diabetes type 2. In this interview he describes his experience and outcomes of metabolic surgery. He also characterizes specifics of Chinees bariatric patients.

Prof. CK Huang

In this interview Prof. CK Huang from Taiwan provides an overwiev of specific issues with Asian patients. In particular he presents current status of metabolic surgery in patients with lower body mass index. Indications for metabolic surgery, preoperative workup and outcomes were discussed.

Prof. Kasama Kazunori

In this interview, Prof. Kasama Kazunori, a top leader in bariatric and Metabolic sugery from Japan,  summarizes metabolic surgery in Japan and specific problems in this patients. In particular he discusses increased prevepance of gastric cancer and therefore necessary modifications in classical bariatric operations and a need of very maticulous patienst selection and monitoring.

Dr Praveen Raj

In this interview, Dr Praveen Raj describes standards in metabolic surgery in Asia. In particular he disuss increasing needs to train more surgeons. One of the recent initiatives in IBC Academy which started in Asia. Firs two sessions were very successful.

Dr Hui Liang

This video is about bariatric surgery in China, an interview with Dr Hui Liang. It provides a characteristics of Chineese patients population with significant risk of devoping type 2 diabtes in lower BMI and younger age comparing to Western patients. Cooperation eith International Bariatric Club was emphasised, specially in clinical training and research.